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Make a Will Month

Mawm Leaves TlIf you are interested in making or updating your Will, and supporting the Hospice, our 'Make a Will Month' may be of interest to you.

Each year, June is 'Make a Will Month', when a number of local solicitors from across the North East offer Wills at a special rate to you and donate the fee back to St Oswald’s. 

Whether you are planning to move house, get married, start a new family or simply want to get prganised, why not  take part this June. The scheme is open to everyone, allowing participants to get a great deal on making or updating their Will, while helping out a local charity.

Thanks to participating solicitors across the region, it costs just £90 for a single will or £125 for a pair and the full fee is then donated straight to St Oswald’s Hospice. 

We are also working with a solicitor based in Sunderland for the first time, so it's more convenient for those living south of the Tyne to get involved. 

If you’d like more information, please contact Laura Hargreaves at LauraHargreaves@stoswaldsuk.org or call 0191 246 9123. Find out which solicitors are taking part here.

Anne Wilson is 70 and lives in Whitley Bay. She took part in Make a Will Month in support of St Oswald’s in June 2016



 “I have been a supporter of St Oswald’s for many years, ever since they ran their Jigsaw Appeal to open their Children’s Hospice. I’ve joined in with a few fundraising events such as The Big Bake last year, I play the Hospice Lottery and I’ve ran several Great North Runs dressed as Minnie Mouse to support their work.


“My husband Ernest and I had an old DIY Will we made years ago, but it really needed updating. We don’t have any children, and have been married for 49 years, but it is just peace of mind for us to have our wishes noted.  When I heard that St Oswald’s held a Make a Will Month in June, we jumped at the chance of having a professional Will done by a solicitor. We loved the way that they then donated our fee back to the Hospice. It seemed such a useful and practical way to support the charity.


“We used Kidd & Spoor in Whitley Bay for our Will. They were great and the process very straightforward. I’d recommend that anyone who has been putting off getting a Will made or updated just goes for it – and supports a great cause in the process!”


Leaving a legacy

While there is no obligation to include a gift to St Oswald's in your Will, Mawm Leaves Trwe would be very grateful if you were able to do so. Our supporter June, from Ponteland, chose to leave a legacy to St Oswald’s when she made her will:

“My name is June and I’ve been a supporter of St Oswald’s Hospice since it opened in 1986. I have pledged to support the future of the hospice by leaving a legacy in my will, as I take comfort from the idea that I can help someone who is in need of St Oswald’s care, even after I have gone.


“I support St Oswald’s in memory of my mother, who died of breast cancer at fifty-four. My husband also left a legacy to the Hospice when he died in 2013 and I am proud his gift will have made a difference to the wellbeing of the patients.


“I believe that the North East needs hospice care to provide a safe haven for people at a time when they need it most. I want the special kind of care that is delivered by St Oswald’s to still be there for other people and their families in years to come.”

Find out more about leaving a legacy in your will here ».

updated 25th May 2016