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Fundraising Ideas

Bits and Pieces

These are the days that don’t really fall into a category but they are still winners;

  • Give it up!:
    We all love to indulge now and then but could you be sponsored to give something up? Drinking? Chocolate? Crisps? All the best things.
  • Bag Packing:
    lend a helping hand at your local supermarket. Bag packing is a tried and tested method or raising money and you are no doubt onto a winner here.
  • Dress Down Friday:
    Begin your weekend early with a dress down Friday, be comfortable in the work place.
  • Raffle:
    good old faithful raffle with this one you just can’t go wrong, round the office, or at a party, a raffle will always go down well.
  • Clothes Drop:
    The best time for a spring clean or reorganisation for the wardrobe, get together with friends or work colleagues and simply fill and drop your bags with all the old clothes at the hospice.
  • Bad Tie Day:
    can you dig out the worst tie in your wardrobe, perhaps it even sings? We’ve heard they do exist in the bottom of some wardrobes.
  • Matched giving:
    this can work alongside other fundraising effort; matched giving by locals businesses is a simple and easy way to double your fundraising power.
  • Money Boxes:
    This requires minimal hassle, we cans supply branded money boxes and all you need to do is pop them in a prime position perhaps near a till or at a front desk? For optimal change donating.
  • Swear Jar:
    time to kick that bad habit? This is a great way of sticking to it, having to open your wallet every time you open your mouth and something naughty slips out. 
  • Colour themed days:
    on Wednesdays we wear pink!

Take on a Theme

Though they only come around once a year, they are the perfect opportunity for a little bit of fundraising and fun


  • Christmas Fair:
    The classic. Stalls may include, cake, tombola, trinkets and games.
  • Easter Egg Hunt:
    both for the adults and the kids because everyone loves a good Easter egg. Perhaps take the hunt to the next leave by leaving clues and a trail to the Easter Bunny’s secret stash of eggs.
  • Burns Night Supper :
  • St Patrick’s Day :
  • St George’s Day :
  • St David’s Day :
  • St Andrew’s Day :
    any excuse for a paaaaarty ….
  • Bonfire Night:
    celebrate in style with some beautiful fireworks, family, friends and a little fundraising.
  • Halloween fright night:
    include a best dressed competition, apple bobbing and a ghost walk? It’s a recipe for success.
  • Pancake day pancake toss:
    get together with family and friends for a pancake competition. Who can flip the best? There’s only one way to find out.  

Put on a Show

Showcase your talents to family and friends, our top five picks and shows;

  • Talent show:
    this is one to get all the family and friends involved with, talented or not everyone can get stuck in. Could you go the whole hog and have a judging panel or even buzzers? Britain’s Got Talent better watch out.
  • Karaoke: 
     a favourite past time of the pub singer, warm up those vocal cords and belt out the cheesiest tune in your repertoire.
  • Fashion show:
    requiring a little more preparation than our top two, but can you channel your inner Dolce and host a fashion show? This is a great showcase for local boutiques as well as an opportunity to raise some money for St Oswald's.
  • Air Guitar competition:
    crank up the volume, let your hair down and put your punk rocker skills to the test with your very own Air Guitar competition.
  • Pantomime- A pantomime is not only for Christmas, though this has the most potential to go wrong you also have the most potential to have a laugh. The mistakes make it all the funnier so host your own pantomime, or perhaps a drama or comedy sketch and raise a little money in the process.

Flex Those Muscles Our top ten physical fundraising ideas

  • Run the odd mile!
    Whether it is fancy dress or a piggy back, anything goes in the odd mile. Join creativity with physicality with this challenge.
  • Row, row, row your boat: 
    Pick any river, go as far as you dare, and row its length on a rowing machine.
  • Hula-hoop-athon:
    how long can you keep that hoop spinning?
  • Well Wanging:
    the world record welly wang currently stands at a staggering 24.1m. Host your own championship and wang those wellies for charity.
  • Treadmill Relay:
    like they say, four sets of legs are better than one, right? The treadmill relay is simple but brilliant and utterly rewarding.
  • Three legged race:
    we all loved this one in primary school, bring back a classic and organised your own three legged race.
  • 5-a-side football championship:
    let’s show those footballers how it’s really done. Host the premier league in your very own back garden, at your local leisure centre or playing fields, all in aid of charity. It’s sure to score some cash.
  • Daily cycle:
    swap out the car for a cycle each morning. It’s refreshing, you will save the environment and raise money for charity. What a good human you are.
  • The step challenge:
    take on this challenge and complete 10,000 steps every day for a week.
  • Dance off:
    get the tunes flowing and bust out your best dance moves on this special occasion. How much will you raise in a special St Oswald's dance off?  

    Eat, Drink and be Merry! - Our top ten foodie festivities

    • Bake Off
      Embrace your inner Mary Berry, dig out the bunting and you’ve got yourself a Bake off. Bring together family and friends whilst also raising money in this most prestigious of British traditions. Just make sure you
    • Coffee Morning:
      The perfect way to devour all that cake from the Bake off! We all love a good old gossip so why not bring in a pot of tea and raise money at the same time.
    • Cheese and Wine Night:
      Alone, cheese and wine are pretty good, but bring them together and you are onto a winner. Who needs to go out when you have wine and cheese!
    • Man V. Food Chilli Challenge:
      A basic chilli is simple and tasty, pop in some of the hottest chilli’s you can find and there you have a chilli challenge. Appel to your friends’ competitive side and raise money whilst giggling as they crack under your chilli challenge.
    • Come Dine With Me:
      Are you the ultimate party host? Are you ready to defend your title? Even if you don’t win at least you will have a weeks’ worth of fabulous food courtesy of your friends.
    • Potluck fundraiser:
      We all love to get dressed up but sometimes the black tie events can be a little pricey. The Potluck dining experience is an ingenious way around this. Each guest brings a dish with them, whether that is a main meal or a side salad, all contributions are welcome. You will quickly find yourself with an eclectic feast before you.  
    • Afternoon Tea:
      A tradition straight out of a Brontë novel, we can all appreciate a good old cup of tea and some tiny sandwiches synonymous with the afternoon tea.
    • BBQ:
      British weather permitting the BBQ is a sure fire way to cook up some amazing food and have fun.
    • Doughnut Day:
      Paired with a cup of coffee, these two go hand in hand for the perfect break time snack. Major companies such as Krispy Kreme will sell doughnuts at discounted prices to charity fundraisers, a great way to raise as much funds as possible.
    • World Wide food tasting:
      Across the globe we have some weird and wonderful delicacies, pool them together and present some of the craziest concoctions you can find for a global food tasting experience.