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30th birthday mosaic

To celebrate our 30th birthday we chose to create a mosaic so everyone - patients, volunteers and staff - could get involved and put their stamp on something tangible to mark 30 years of care.

The mosaic symbolises what the Hospice means to those involved. The concept came from chatting to patients and putting their ideas into pictures. Here’s what they said:

The patients felt that the Hospice…

…brought them hope – this could be represented by a rainbow.

…made them feel inspired and valued – they felt that this could be well represented by stars.

…felt the mosaic should have hands – as they felt held in friendship and support.

They wanted a tree to be on the mosaic, like a tree of life, as this symbolised sustainability, and by making the tree a Celtic knot it would be eternal.

One lady described the Hospice as a safe haven, whilst another described the Hospice as a harbour – somewhere you would want to be in a storm.

The patients really wanted the mosaic to have butterflies and dragonflies, they felt they would represent transformation, endurance, change and adaptability.

They wanted the mosaic to have a dove – for its white feathers and protection – and also because the dove is a sign of peace.

The patients thought the mosaic should have flowers, particularly poppies and forget-me-nots, for fond memories, remembrance and also for reassurance as they flower each year which gives them hope.

A special thank you to Tyneside Decorative and Fine Arts Society who generously funded the mosaic.