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It all began at the Hedgehog Hotel…

Children and young adults who visit us for short breaks have been making a song with musical instruments to celebrate a new house for hedgehogs.

After noticing a ‘hedgehog house’ at a local Galliford Try building site in Jarrow, our Care Support Worker, Ray approached the organisation to ask if they would create one for our wildlife garden.

Galliford Try were only too happy to help, so our children and young adults made them some pictures to brighten up their building site.

Our children and young adults, Kacie and Lee, have even been helping our Music Therapist, Louisa and Jim Montague from Sage Gateshead, to create a song about when the hedgehog came to visit us. The song follows our spikey friend as he visits all of the children and young adults favourite places.

Have a listen to the song here: