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Last orders for St Oswald's family

Jeff Rowland is a locally based Artist from Wallsend. Now living in Tynemouth, Jeff’s work is critically acclaimed and sells all over the world.

In May 2006, Jeff’s Dad was an inpatient at the Hospice. After a short stay, he sadly died from cancer. Here Jeff tells his story:

“When my Dad arrived at St Oswald’s he’d almost given up on life. Within 24 hours however, something changed, he picked up. The care he received was phenomenal, it was so personal and it made him feel comfortable and content. We couldn’t have asked for better.

“Everyone around gave him dignity, respect, privacy and precious quality time to be with his family. This made us feel more comfortable with what was happening too.

“He was always a big character and I felt it was important that he was afforded those things near the end of his life. He meant so much to many people.

“Throughout our lives we’d always enjoyed a drink together and my Dad’s favourite drink was a particular kind of whisky. The day before he died, I asked ‘Is it Last Orders Dad?’ and he said ‘Yes Son.’

“The Hospice allowed us to have a last drink of whisky together and as we chinked glasses we said ‘last orders’. I will be forever grateful to them for giving us that moment. I can never thank them enough for what they did.

“Since then, I have helped in any way I can and donating my artwork seems a natural way to do it. If I can help the Hospice to raise funds towards their running costs then I am happy knowing my artwork can do this. It’s the least I can do.

“I have donated artwork for auctions and images for their Christmas cards and this year, I have decorated a Great North Snowdog for their forthcoming campaign which I’m thrilled to be part of.

“St Oswald’s is a wonderful place and I will do whatever I can to show them how much we appreciated their care at a very difficult time.”