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Sunderland family open our first shop in the city

A Sunderland family who access care at our Children’s Hospice opened our very first charity shop in Sunderland on Monday, 18th April.

Beth Butler, a child who comes to our Children’s Hospice for short breaks, and her mum Nikki, cut the ribbon of St Oswald’s 27th charity shop. Beth is 14 years old and has been cared for at the Hospice since she was five years old. Beth has severe hydrocephalus, which is a build-up of fluid on the brain. Nikki tells us more about how we help to support them as a family:

“Beth was diagnosed with her condition from a very young age, and as a family we weren’t sure if she would make it to 14 years old but St Oswald’s really help us to get through. She needs a lot of support – from being fed through a peg, to being hoisted from her wheelchair, and St Oswald’s understand her needs.

“I wouldn’t be able to cope without receiving support from the Hospice so it was a pleasure to open Sunderland’s first shop.”

David Knox, St Oswald’s customer and supporter, was also at the shop opening. He said:

“I’ve been a St Oswald’s supporter since I was in the army as we supported the charity, which is a lot of years! I was in the Northumberland Regiment, and we fundraised for the charity; I remember walking along the Roman wall for them.

“I was just passing and saw the Hospice’s sign and thought I must go in. I think the shop looks smashing.”