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Triathlon to thank us for care and support

A supporter has completed a triathlon to thank us for the care her Dad receives at the Hospice.

Joanne Adamson, 33 from Newcastle, has supported us since her Dad has been cared for at our Day Hospice. Joanne talks about her reasons for fundraising for the Hospice:

“My Dad has incurable cancer and comes to the Hospice once a week for day care, so taking part in the triathlon is a way to give something back.

“A few years after diagnosis my Dad underwent surgery as a result of his condition and was in hospital for a long time, about five weeks, and didn’t seem to be getting any better. It was then suggested that Dad used St Oswald’s inpatient service. As a family we were unsure at first as we had misconceptions of a Hospice, but we shouldn’t have done. Dad received such personalised care and we saw so much improvement that he was discharged home within five days.

“Dad really enjoys Day Hospice; not only has he made some really good relationships, it’s good for us to know that there is continuity of care and lots of different staff at the Hospice to see to Dad’s needs, including nurses, doctors, occupational therapists and physios. We know that if Dad has an issue we can go to them every week and ask them questions. The doctors have been fantastic at referring Dad on to other services when he has needed them.”

Joanne also volunteered in our craft room, where patients can take part in arts and crafts and other therapeutic activities. She continued:

“I really enjoyed volunteering at the Hospice as it felt like I was giving something back for the care my Dad receives.

“I trained for about six months before the triathlon, although finding the time in-between being a full time student and having a part time job was difficult! I set myself a fundraising target of £500 and I’ve beaten that target so I’m really pleased. Dad even came along on the day even though he isn’t very mobile.”