Payroll Giving

Payroll Giving lets your staff members choose a charity to donate to regularly.

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What is it?

The money is taken directly out of their wages and the charity receives the tax as well as the donation.

Any company can set up Payroll Giving but its probably those with 100 employees or more who will fi nd it worthwhile.

Great for…

  • Staff engagement
  • Low impact on time and effort
  • Once set up, it runs itself
  • Demonstrating how strong we are together
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How Does it work?

  1. Sign up at any time
  2. Get a Payroll Giving agent to help you promote the scheme and manage payments
  3. Set a Target
  4. Share it with your staff & Let everyone know what they have achieved!

Be a pioneer

1 in 3 employers would like to be able to give as they earn

By supporting us through Payroll Giving, you’ll be directly helping us to care for people across our community, with a range of incurable conditions. Clive Rutter, 83 from Birtley, Gateshead came to the Hospice after being diagnosed with prostate cancer. He attends our Focus on Living Centre which offers Day services and short courses, designed to boost confi dence and help patients make friends and learn new skills.


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