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Sahara Trek

Fancy a once in a lifetime opportunity? Why not join up for our Sahara Trek to push yourself to your limits.

What is it?

Jump on a flight from London and touch down in the North African city of Morocco to begin a trek like no other. The 8 day adventure will allow you to experience life as the indigenous Berber people of North Africa do, trekking across the Sahara desert, camping under the stars and sampling the traditional cuisine. 

What’s involved?

Your first night will be spent in a local hotel in the town of Ouarzazate which is around a 5 hour drive from Morocco. Here you will enjoy dinner and a good night’s rest before your journey begins…

On your second day you will travel south from Ouarzazate, following a 4-5 hour route typically taken by the indigenous people across the Sahara desert. Local Berber guides will accompany you alongside the trek and, if the weather allows it, you will spend the night bivouacking (resting in a shelter without full cover) and enjoying the night sky.  

The next 2 days will throw you out of your comfort zone and give you a full experience of the Sahara desert. It is expected you will walk 15-20km per day on average but trekking won’t be the only activity you will engage in. Skills such as setting up a Berber tent, cooking bread in the sand and collecting water will come naturally to you by the end of the trek, ensuring you have a truly authentic experience. The camels will be carrying the team’s luggage and equipment, allowing you to fully enjoy the idyllic landscape of the Sahara desert and its varying landscapes.

Following a trek back to Oulaid Driss, a village around 9 hours from Marrakech, you will make your way back to the city and enjoy lunch on the way. A well-deserved dinner will be waiting for you in Marrakech. After a good night’s rest in a local hotel the last two days will be spent assisting with a local community project. This can range from redecoration, refurbishment and painting to general improvement of the environment. No experience is necessary, just a willingness to get involved.

Before flying back to London on the 10th November, there may be time to explore Marrakech where you could experience the bustling square of Jemaa el-Fnaa, visit the 19th century Bahia Palace or pick up some souvenirs in the souks. 

You must be 18+ to participate on this trek unaccompanied. It may be possible to participate if you are 16 or 17 years old but you will need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian. There is no upper age limit. The ideal candidate would be fit, healthy and determined, open to adventure and adaptable to unexpected changes.


By taking part in the Sahara Trek, you'll be raising vital funds for a hospice that supports local children and adults with life-limiting conditions 


Words cannot express how important a role you all play in families lives when they need you the most. You are a tremendous support and we have been privileged to experience your unique skills when we needed them. Keep up the good work.

So whether you prefer to be home or away, on the ground or up in the air, or to ride your bike or go for a hike - we have a challenge for you.

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3rd - 10th November 2018
Registration Fee:£50
Min Sponsorship:£2975
Life List
Platinum Challenge
This event wil count as one of your three challenges towards your Life List Platinum Award

Who can take part?


Fundraising Team
Monday - Friday. 9am - 5pm