The Bunny Hop

We are very egg-cited to share with you of our upcoming Easter fundraising event, The Bunny Hop, and we really hope you and your children will be able to join the fun!

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What's it all about?

The Bunny Hop is a simple and fun way to support your local hospice this spring term. Think of it as a bunny-themed non-uniform day with a twist - rather than asking children to dress in normal clothes for a donation to a charity, get them to become bunnies for the day, bringing together creativity, eggs-ercise and fundraising fun!

For a donation of £1 per child, which you can ask parents or guardians to send into the school, you’ll receive:

🐰 Enough bunny masks for each child to decorate in the classroom

👣 A ‘How to Hop Guide’ with lots of suggestions and ideas for running the event and boosting your fundraising

📝 Poster to promote the event in your school or group

🏆 Downloadable certificates to award to all participating bunnies

How does it work?

The beauty of the Bunny Hop is it's entirely up to you!

You have the freedom to run the event how you wish, best suited to your school or group.

Just choose a date or time that works for you, let your families know and ask for a donation towards St Oswald's Hospice. The children can get creative and decorate their bunny masks using whatever art materials you have available.

This can be done in advance or on the day of the hop. Then get everyone together in classes, house teams or whatever works best for you, set out your course and get hopping!

🐰 The only rule is no running or walking, hopping only! 🐰

We all know it's not just the winning but it's taking part that counts, so as well as a certificate for the first bunny to finish, we'll provide downloadable awards for the most creative and bounciest bunny for you to print and give out. We'll also give you lots of bunny themed ideas to run additional fundraising activities on the day.

And when you've finished hopping?

That’s when you can make a really big difference to your local hospice. The donations from your children will come direct to St Oswald’s Hospice where they will help put a spring in the step of the adults and children who rely on the Hospice.

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Thank you for choosing to take part in St Oswald’s Bunny Hop this spring. Please note, for a donation of £1 per child, which you can ask parents or guardians to send into the school, you’ll receive: a template for each child to decorate, a guide on how to hop your way through the event, posters to promote the event and certificates available to download.

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