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Adrenaline Junkie Events

Bungee Jump

Are you an adrenaline junkie? Do you want to take the plunge and experience a 160ft jump for char... (read more...)


Ready for a challenge? Ready to take on the elements? Ready to see the Northern Coastline like ne... (read more...)

Honister Slate Mine Challenge

A stimulating and memorable experience to take you out of your comfort zone! What is it? If you l... (read more...)

Rock Climbing

Do you want to climb your way across Northumberland? Think you’re ready to conquer the wall? What... (read more...)


The most thrilling charity challenge that allows you to free fall at speeds of 120-180mph!  What ... (read more...)

Snowdonian Zip Wire

A unique adrenalin fueled experience at an internationally acclaimed zip line adventure across th... (read more...)

Zip Wire

Ever fancied seeing the Quayside from a different angle? Maybe at a higher angle and a faster pac... (read more...)