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Zip Wire

Ever fancied seeing the Quayside from a different angle? Maybe at a higher angle and a faster pace… 

What is it?

One of our more popular challenges amongst the adrenaline junkies is the Zip Wire event from the historic Tyne Bridge in Newcastle. The event takes place in April and October and would be a great way of raising money whilst crossing another activity off your bucket list! 

What is involved?

The opportunity is provided by Zip Slides UK, who have over eight years of experience of organising safe and successful zips, particularly from the Tyne Bridge. The zip wire involves abseiling diagonally 35 metres above the River Tyne for a length of 295 metres. 

Due to safety restrictions enforced by Newcastle City Council, the minimum age of entry requirement is 16. As a result, any participant aged between 16 and 18 would require parental consent to participate. Other than this age restriction, anybody else would be permitted to partake. 

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Sunday 13th October 2019
NewcastleGateshead Quayside - Tyne Bridge
Registration Fee:£43
Min Sponsorship:£100
Life List
Bronze Challenge
This event will count as one of your three challenges towards your Life List Bronze Award

Who can take part?

Ages 16+

Fundraising Team
Monday to Friday 9am-5pm