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Corporate Team Building Days

Many companies are now giving time for their employees to volunteer for local charities.

We can offer group volunteering days for your employees as well as opportunities to individuals.



  • Take part in a team Fundraising Day where we will set a challenge for your teams and provide all the resources you need to have a fun day out for a great cause.

  • Shop Takeover Days – Challenge your team to gather their unwanted clothes, shoes, books and bric-a-brac ready to take part in one of our Shop Takeover Days. The team will stock the shop, create the displays and promote the shop to sell as much merchandise, and raise as much money as they can in a day.

  • Teams to help at Hospice Events – we need an army of marshals to help out at a number of our events being held throughout the year. Could this be of interest to you?

  • Team Building Days – raise money together to take part in one of our sponsored activities. We can book bespoke challenges for you or you can join us at an upcoming event.

Unfortunately as we are a secure unit, we cannot allow corporate volunteers to work directly with our vulnerable patients and families without a DBS check.

We rarely have group volunteer days available onsite at the Hospice. These sought-after opportunities are reserved for our Direct Difference members

Virgin Media worked with St Oswald’s in 2013 and continue to do so in 2014. Here’s what they had to say:


St Oswald's gave Virgin Media staff the chance to participate in volunteer days carrying out tasks such as speaking to donors to thank them over the phone and sorting out items for sale in their shops. Our staff gained so much from doing this work, that they wanted to do even more!


We held several events during the year in our office to raise money and we're planning more fundraising in the future.


I was given a tour of the Hospice and it really opened my eyes to what a great service they provide, it was a truly moving experience for me. Virgin Media are truly honoured to be a partner with St Oswald's and long may it continue.

Bryan Hayes, Virgin Media 


If you’re interested in hearing more please contact:

Phone -mini -icon  0191 246 9123 | Envelope -mini -icon fundraising@stoswaldsuk.org