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How your money helps

Some of our patients and families explain how St Oswald's has helped them. 


    My husband and I felt we were drowning in our circumstances and restricted lifestyle. St Oswald’s Day Hospice threw us a lifeline. Our outlook is much more positive now. I dread to think how we would be now if Day Hospice didn’t exist.

    St Oswald’s is a special place. An oasis. A sanctuary. The doctors and nursing staff are all such special, caring people. My husband said often how safe he felt there. I can’t think what would have happened to us if St Oswald’s had not taken us in.

    St Oswald’s always ensures that each child is at the centre of everything they do. If I was asked to sum up St Oswald’s Children’s Service I couldn’t. There truly aren’t enough nice words in the dictionary to describe the staff, service or building itself.

    St Oswald’s is a saviour to me. If it wasn’t for the lymphoedema clinic then I would dread to think what my legs would look like now. I can’t put into words how grateful I am for the help they have given me in controlling my condition – without them I think I would be living a very different life.

    St Oswald’s makes me feel alive again. I’ve been so poorly over the past few months and I’ve kept telling myself ‘if you can just get back to the Hospice you’ll feel alive again'.