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A double decker way to make your brand stand out

Our friends at Go north East have  kindly donated a double decker bus to St Oswald’s which has opened up lots of exciting new opportunities for your business to get involve with.

We think our bus is so brilliant that we don’t want to just keep it for ourselves. By taking it over, you can go where your customers, your staff or people you want to reach are hanging out, be completely flexible about what you can do from hiring the bus for promotional activity or a fun day to using the bus for a fun staff challenge – park up and see how many collecting cans, auction prizes, raffle tickets and donations you can secure. Bring out the sales tiger in your teams and help to promote your brand as well as you supporting the hospice.  

What would you do with the bus?  Where would you take it? What would you do – and with who?  Have you got a big corporate event coming up or do you need to deliver services in hard to reach communities? We’d love to talk with you about how our bus can work for you and plan some exciting promotional opportunities we can deliver together. 

If you want to discuss possibilities, please email bettertogether@stoswaldsuk.org or call Siobhan Sargeant on 0191 285 0063