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And the winner is...

It’s been 5 months since we sold our first BIG Car raffle ticket and just in time for Christmas we are delighted to announce our lovely winners. We’d like to say a huge thank you to wonderful companies who generously donated our three prizes to make this raffle such a success. Thank you to Bristol Street Motors for donating a 19’ plate Hyundai i10, Total Business Group for giving a new laptop computer and the Hilton Hotel in NewcastleGateshead for gifting an overnight stay with breakfast for two.

Our Chief Executive, James Ellam drew the winning tickets at our Christmas Market last month, and we caught up with some of the lucky people who won a prize.

Pauline Shone from South Shields, was the winner of the Hyundai i10. We met Pauline at the Bristol Street Hyundai dealership in Peterlee where she saw her new car for the first time.


I’m rather shocked still, when I got the call, I was sat trying to think about what the prizes were as I totally forgot! I thought I’d won £10 or something small as I remember the lottery being on the back of the ticket, but when they said I’d won the car I couldn’t believe it!


I’d bought two tickets in October in Matalan in Sunderland and just forgot about it. Although, I did leave the tickets on the side counter, it must’ve been fate as usually you scrunch them up somewhere or lose them in your bag, but mine was just sat on the side waiting to be called.


When you have a few sad things going on in the family, something like this is so uplifting. I always support Hospices because I think it’s such a good cause. I think everyone can be affected so it’s really important to have the facility available and that’s why it’s good to support them. Hospices care for everyone; not just the person going through it but everyone affected by it. It’s a difficult thing to think about but I know there’s support around if I should ever need it.


I’m still coming to terms with winning. I had only seen a picture of the car on the ticket but my neighbour has one and she loves it. She always had a big 4 x 4 but downsized and said it’s the best thing she’s ever done! It was clearly just my lucky day, it only takes that one ticket to win, just like the lottery. It’s definitely come at a great time, like an early Christmas present.

David Hurrel, 76 from Alnwick, was our second place winner. Bagging a brand new laptop to take home, David and his wife popped into the Hospice to collect their shiny new prize. David tells us more:

I’ve supported the Hospice for a long time now, I’ve had friends volunteering there so I understand the importance of the work they carry out. We also have a friend at the gym who benefits from the Children’s service as his son uses the respite stays.


I didn’t think I would win, we had only just got back from the gym and I nearly missed the call. I was surprised, I regard buying raffle tickets as a donation to the charity, I don’t think I’ll ever win. Thank you very much for the prize, I can’t wait to get it out and start using it.

Second Prize 1

Our lucky third prize winner bagged an overnight stay at the Hilton Hotel in NewcastleGateshead with breakfast for two.

Gabrielle Greveson, 68 from Morpeth was relaxing at home when she received a letter through the post explaining she was a winner. Gabrielle tells us more:

I honestly can’t believe it. I thought it was a letter letting me know how much Gift Aid I’d raised over the year with my donations but when I opened it I realised I’d won a prize in the raffle. I was over the moon and read out to my husband what I had won. The first thing he said was ‘is it for two?’ I laughed and made a joke that I could take someone else.


I like to support the Hospice every year and always buy some raffle tickets when they arrive through the post. Hospice’s are very close to my heart and I actually used to work with Cecily Saunders, who played a big part in the birth of the hospice movement.Working with her at St Christopher’s was one of the most fulfilling times of my life, I really loved every minute of it. Sadly, at the time there wasn’t a hospice near when I relocated to Newcastle so I moved into geriatric care, but I would’ve loved to have kept working in palliative care.


When St Oswald’s opened, it was so exciting. I make sure I always support it wherever I can. Now I’ve actually won something and I’m just amazed. It’s mine and my husband’s birthdays in March so I’m hoping we can have a joint celebration in style this year and use our voucher to have a lovely evening away.

Third Prize 1

We’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who bought tickets, made donations and got involved with the BIG Car raffle this year. Together, you raised an incredible £41,000. Thank you so much and we look forward to the raffle in 2020!