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Burpees and fundraising to give something back for care

A dad of one of the children who benefits from our Children and Young Adults short break service has been using his passion for fitness to fundraise for us.

Stephen Pape organised a beach boot camp to raise money to thank us for caring for his daughter Sophie, aged 8, who we care for every month. He even went as far as doing other people’s burpees in return for donations to us!

Sophie has a severe form of cerebral palsy which makes movement, speech and things that we take for granted impossible for her, she also has quite an extreme form of epilepsy. Sophie’s family rely on the care from the Hospice every month, so that Sophie can benefit from the care and attention from us, whilst her family get a break from caring.

Stephen said:

“The idea was to hold a large scale boot camp at the beach in Tynemouth, asking people for donations to take part. One of my friends couldn’t make it but wanted to donate so I set up a JustGiving page. The donations soon started to flood in, which was very touching.

“The event went really well with not only people paying to take part but also paying me to do their exercises they didn’t want to do! I ended up doing over 140 burpees but I got through it knowing that money was going back in to the Hospice.”

Explaining why he wanted to raise money for the Hospice, Stephen continued:

“The care and support at St Oswald’s is fantastic, which is ultimately why it was so important for me to give something back. The staff love Sophie and they make her feel so welcome.

 “Sophie needs assistance 24 hours a day, which is a lot for her mum who she lives with. That’s where St Oswald’s comes in. Once a month, Sophie comes to the Hospice for a short break. It’s great for Sophie to get a little break from her normal routine to enjoy such a fantastic facility, it also gives her Mum a little bit of time to catch up on rest. I sometimes stay over with her which gives us the opportunity to spend some quality time together.

“One thing that I love about St Oswald’s more than anything is how relaxed and happy Sophie is when she visits. She gets a lot of one on one interaction which really helps to stimulate her and the staff are absolutely amazing.”