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Choice Childcare overcome the wire

Suzie Brownlee, Assistant Manager from Wallsend Day Nursery spoke to us about how the day went:

Choice Childcare has been raising money for St Oswald’s in different ways recently through all of our nurseries but I thought this was a bit more exciting. I have a fear of heights so thought it would be a perfect opportunity to get over my fear, and of course raise money for the Hospice at the same time.

I think I was definitely the most scared out of the whole group. I was terrified from the moment I got there. It was honestly a great day though, as soon as I got over the bridge and started to zip down I loved it, my best part of the day.

Surprisingly, I would definitely do it again. I think I wouldn’t be as scared but I would like to talk to other people doing it. If it is their first time I’d like to tell them about my first experience and how I was feeling. I think it would be good to tell them what it felt like during it and then after, hopefully it would make people less nervous.

I do think doing it as a team was the best though! I don’t think I would’ve done it if it wasn’t for them. It was really nice to actually do it with other nursery staff. I’m based in Wallsend but I know a few staff from Kenton Day Nursery came along and we all did it together. It was good to do an activity outside of work with them.

Natalie Santamera, Senior Fundraiser at St Oswald’s added:

I could see how nervous Suzie was on the day, but the girls around her helped with words of encouragement and I could see it was a real team effort. We had a great day with a few companies taking part as a team and the atmosphere was great.

I love being at the Zipwire with St Oswald’s as people really come together like Choice Childcare to help people get through what could be a terrifying experience. I want to say massive congratulations and thank you to Choice Childcare and everyone else who took part on the day. We really appreciate it as a Hospice and it really does help us carry out the specialised care we offer every day.


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