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Comedian donates to St Oswald's Hospice

Nurses from St Oswald’s Hospice struck the jackpot when flicking through Facebook one day. Kirsty Nesbitt, a Student Nurse at St Oswald’s, tagged fellow nurses on a Facebook post made by comedian Luisa Omielan offering donations for Hospices. Taking the plunge, one of the nurses simply emailed her with a wish list of items needed on the ward and hoped for the best.

Tracey Watson, Auxiliary Nurse at St Oswald’s Hospice, tells us more:

I wasn’t sure what to expect or even ask for. We saw the post and it said anything, like fans, TV’s, bedding etc. I spoke to a few of the nurses to find out what we really needed and we come up with a list to send. I suppose I didn’t expect anything to come from it and forgot all about it to be honest.


When I received an email to say everything was arriving the following day I was over the moon. I couldn’t sleep I was so excited. In our wish list I put, fans, ice packs and aromatherapy diffusers, I mentioned how many rooms we had but would be grateful for anything we could receive.


We were blown away when the delivery came. Luisa was able to help us so much and she ordered everything we had asked for, including every item for every room. It’s still a shock, we’ve needed these items for so long now, and they make such a difference and really help our patients and their families.

Beth Abbot, Staff Nurse at St Oswald’s Hospice added:

It’s the small things in a hospice environment that can have the biggest impact, something as small as an ice pack or a fan can make a patient feel more comfortable. It can take added stresses such as heat and humidity out of the equation and really provide for those little lifts we often take for granted.


We caught up with Luisa to find out more about her selfless act of kindness and why she chose to support Hospice’s in the UK.

Luisa said:

It’s my pleasure to help St Oswald’s and other Hospices. I did a show about my mother, Helena, and asked for donations throughout the evening, so it’s my audience’s money really. My mother didn’t have a great experience in hospital but comfort came in the guise of a hospice and its nurses. So I made her a promise to honour her by helping others. It feels really lovely but also effortless to be in a position to make a difference.

We can't thank Luisa and her audiences enough for donating money in memory of Luisa's mam. The money from Luisa's tribute fund helps to fund items for Hospice's around the UK. Receiving this gift is incredible and we feel truly blessed. 

If this story has inspired you and you'd like to donate items, money or your time, please call the Hospice on 0191 285 0063, thank you.