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Dance through the decades to complete your Life List challenge

Our Life List adventures are a huge part of many of our supporter’s lives. Once you’ve completed one you get that adrenalin rush and want to do more. That’s exactly what has happened to Danielle and Darren, who have completed over 15 challenges between them.

We caught up with them both to find out what motivates them to do complete so many Life List challenges.

Danielle said:

I’ve been on lots of adventures now, I’d say my personal favourite was Everest Base Camp. Nepal and Himalayas are absolutely beautiful, as are the local people.  It was so humbling to spend time with our Sherpa Guides and the Nepalese Community, especially given the trauma they had experienced following the earthquake in April 2015. I was really proud to help lead our team of supporters in our successful journey to Base Camp and then beyond to the summit of Kala Patthar.


Surprisingly though, I’d say the Hadrian’s Wall trek was the most enduring. I think it’s because you expect it to be easier with it being here in the UK but the views we’re definitely worth it.

Darren added:

I’d have to say Kilimanjaro was my favourite; it was definitely the most rewarding, once we’d reached the top we trekked up the extra summit to Uhuru peak which is 5895m. It was incredible.

Speaking about their fundraising, Danielle explains how they do a lot together and combine their targets into one to make things a little easier.

We do a lot of our fundraising through bag packs, car boot sales and tombolas. This helps to generate pockets of fundraising on a more regular basis. We have also run events including, Disco of the Decades, a Buskers Night and a Football Match to help generate more income. Events like these are a great way to get family and friends involved, plus it means that those attending are enjoying a great social atmosphere whilst raising funds for a great cause.

Darren added:

You’d be surprised, fundraising is always a big part of the challenges and we do anything we can! I’ve even just carried buckets around the Great North Run, it all helps towards your final target.

Having someone to do a challenge with can make a huge difference. It can be a brilliant bonding experience for friends and family and can really strengthen connections.

Danielle continued:

I think we love doing it all together, whether that’s fundraising or the actual challenges. We’ve done loads together over the years. I’m usually the one signing us both up for new adventures and I just let him know. We always have a good laugh with each other and with others participating, it’s lovely to be able to support each other and keep each other motivated along the way.


Life is an adventure, so it makes sense to spend it with each other. The Great Wall of China Trek was a lovely opportunity to spend time as a couple with both old and new trek friends and of course my step dad.

Our Life List challenges are open to everyone, lots of people complete one of our once in a lifetime adventures who have no relation to the Hospice. It’s such a good opportunity to tick something off your bucket list, especially when the Hospice do all of the organising.

Danielle said:

Although I don’t have a personal connection with the Hospice, I have worked her for nearly 7 years and have become part of the fixtures. A lot of people refer to the Hospice as their second family, I feel the same about the St Oswald’s, it’s my second home. My passion is for those who use our services but also those who support us and help to raise funds. We wouldn’t be where we are today without them.

Life List challenges are a great way to honour your memory of a loved one and support an amazing charity in their name:

Darren added:

The Hospice means more to me than people will ever know. My heart is with the Hospice for many reasons, with the main one being the end of life care they gave to my dad. I’ve also met so many people and made so many friends through working here, holding fundraising events and completing the treks.  The hospice really makes me feel proud.

If you want to do something special with someone you love, sign up for one of our adventures in 2018 today. Click here to find a challenge perfect for you and your friends.