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Don’t let lymphoedema go undiagnosed - Moira's story

Moira Leman, age 65 from Kingston Park in Newcastle, has received treatment at the Hospice for her lymphoedema for many years. Moira was diagnosed with lymphoedema when she had an insect bite in one arm which caused cellulitis. When the bite became extremely swollen and red, she visited her local hospital who referred her to us.

We provide a full package of treatment for Moira, including regular appointments to manage her condition, education sessions to help her to self-care and specialist exercise classes called Tripudio. Moira tells us more:

“I receive lots of support from St Oswald’s, including regular appointments to treat and manage my lymphoedema. I also attended a five week education programme at the Hospice, which helps patients to manage their condition. The information is common sense but it’s put to you in a really straightforward way.  I learnt about how regular exercise can drain some of the fluid away, the importance of wearing my garment, and advice on skin care and weight management. It’s all been really useful information that I’ve been able to transfer in to daily life, and I’ve even lost four and a half stone.

“Within the education programme there was a taster session about Tripudio, which is an exercise class all about slow and deliberate movements to help people with lymphoedema to improve their flexibility and strength. I was really impressed with the taster so I signed up to the six week Tripudio course and that’s been tremendous. I got to meet other people in a similar situation and it’s really helped my lymphoedema, I’ll definitely continue the exercises at home.”

Moira finished:

“The Lymphoedema team at St Oswald’s provide a fabulous service. The staff always have time for me. One time I met with one of the consultants for over an hour, who explained more about the science behind my condition, he was amazing!  The service is so different to anything else on offer.”