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Ewan and Adam's Minta Wonderland recipe

Ewan, 18, from South Tyneside, has been coming to our Children’s Hospice for the past seven years for short breaks.

He loves to bake - so he and Care Support Worker Adam are supporting this year's
Big Bake at Christmas by baking a 'Minta Wonderland' cake (their own original recipe!) and sharing it with staff, patients, family and friends.

Are you planning to take part in St Oswald's Big Bake at Christmas? Why don't you make a Minta Wonderland?

Ewan and Adam's Minta Wonderland


220g SR Flour
220g Butter
4 Eggs medium
1x large bar aero mint choc
1x large bar dairy milk choc
200g caster sugar
¾ tsp baking powder
4 tbsp whole milk
Mint matchmakers
2 tbsp cocoa
Neon green food colour 1 tube
2tsp American peppermint essence

Preheat oven to 175c
Place butter and sugar in to a bowl, cream together with electric whisk until smooth
Add eggs, milk and sift the flour & baking powder gradually to the mix making up cake batter.
Divide cake batter in to two bowls.
Melt mint chocolate and add to bowl 1, add cocoa then whisk
Bowl 2 add peppermint essence and green food colour, then whisk.
Put all green cake mix into tin for layer 1
Then add chocolate mix for layer 2 creating a double decker effect.
Place in oven for 40 mins appx. Cover tin with baking parchment after 30 mins to protect from burning
Check with a skewer or knife that cake mix is cooked and does not stick.
Melt Dairy Milk and pour over the cake once cooled down.
Decorate with Matchmakers and cake shimmer spray.
And finally...tuck into your cake!

Would you like to take part in this year's Big Bake at Christmas? Click here to find out more


Adam tell us:

“I really enjoy baking and try to invent flavoured cakes that haven’t been made before, usually with sweets that are popular with young people.


We love baking in the Children’s Hospice! I tend to bake cakes and sometimes pizzas but it all depends on what the children or young adults are in the mood for that day. I encourage promoting independent choices with the flavour of cakes and what we choose to bake.


The children and young adults really love baking and get a lot out of joining in. The sensory smells of using different ingredients, watching Chemistry change things, new taste experiences (try our Minta Wonderland!) but it’s all about having fun and making new memories, as well as getting to eat lots of cake!”