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Explain supports St Oswald's Hospice to look to the future

North East-based research agency Explain Market Research have volunteered their time to work with our fundraising team to understand volunteers and supporters’ perceptions of the current fundraising and events programme that we deliver each year, whilst looking to the future and exploring ideas for new in memory events.

Explain undertook the research on a pro bono basis in recognition of the role the hospice plays in supporting the North East community. 

Kim Davis, Managing Director of Explain said:

 When we met with the team at St Oswald’s to understand the aims and objectives of the hospice in future proofing their fundraising strategy we offered to support them free of charge.


St Oswald’s is a charity that we hold in high regard, they support and have touched the lives of a lot of families in the North East and some of the team directly at Explain so we were happy to give some of our time to help them to gain insight which would deliver tangible outcomes.


In any research programme, independence is key. In facilitating the research, it allowed the research to be impartial, meaning the fundraising team can now intertwine the findings into their strategy.

Our Head of Fundraising, Jane Hogan, said:

The research confirmed some of the things we thought we knew – but most importantly it directly challenged us and proved us wrong on some of our assumptions too.


When research illustrates things which we didn’t know, or which we thought we knew that is when it becomes really actionable. We cannot afford to be staging events and campaigns which are not aligned to what our supporters need and enjoy. The work we have done and will do with Explain reduces the risk of us getting it wrong and helps us to be imaginative and innovative without putting hospice income at risk.

The second phase of the research will look to quantify the early findings and provide St Oswald’s Hospice with robust insight on which to build its strategy into the future.

We look forward to continuing our work with Explain and look forward to launching an exciting new in memory event this summer, using insights and feedback from the survey. Look out for more information coming soon!