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Former nurse encouraging others to donate their time for St Oswald’s

St Oswald’s is launching a special retail volunteer recruitment campaign to promote the range of volunteering opportunities we have throughout our 26 regional charity shops and a local Morpeth lady is supporting our campaign.

When Katy Barr from Morpeth left her busy and demanding role as a Sister on the Cardiothoracic Unit at the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle, she soon found that she needed something to fill the void.

With all three of her daughters having left home to pursue careers as doctors and her husband running a busy dental practice, Katy soon found volunteering at her local St Oswald’s charity shop in Morpeth, was a way for her to expend her time and energy.

Katy said:

I knew how brilliant St Oswald’s was thanks to my nursing career and because a friend of mine received end of life care at the Hospice. Volunteering at St Oswald’s has given me a completely new lease of life and something positive to channel my energies into. Volunteering is the highlight of my week and it’s allowed me to revisit skills I haven’t practised since school such as art and design as well as bringing out talents I never realised I had.

Katy also enjoys the social aspect of her volunteering and credits this with why she has volunteered for St Oswald’s for over 3 years.

Katy said:

I work with the loveliest women whose company I really enjoy. It is a joy to spend time working alongside them. Although there is hardwork involved, there is also a lot of love and laughter too. I can’t emphasise strongly enough how much I enjoy volunteering and the brilliant ladies, who I now consider good friends, and the fantastic charity we are supporting is what keeps me motivated.

Katy added:

My enthusiasm for volunteering has actually inspired others and I know of people who have now signed up to volunteer because of me! I can’t recommend volunteering enough, it is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding things you can do. I’ve witnessed the incredible facilities and care which St Oswald’s provides. My view is that any of us may need to depend on the services of a hospice at any point in our lives and the work that we do as volunteers helps to advance this vital cause. Volunteering leaves me feeling happier, knowing I’ve done my bit to help other human beings in their time of need.

Charlotte Charlton, Retail Area Manager, said:

Katy has proven to be a fantastic volunteer within our Morpeth shop and she is a huge asset to the team. Her creative window displays are brilliant and they’re always widely praised by our customers. Katy is proof that at St Oswald’s we truly have volunteering roles to suit everyone. Volunteers make an immense contribution to St Oswald’s and without them we wouldn’t be able to open our 26 regional shops which help raise the £7.5 million St Oswald’s needs to raise each year to continue to provide high quality care to people from across the North East.

With 26 charity shops across the North East and an online shop, St Oswald’s has a range of volunteering opportunities available. To learn more about the roles, the benefits to volunteering and how you can apply, click here.