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From the Science Lab to the Sahara

Are you struggling to think of new fundraising ideas? Meet Asima Riaz, a Medical Scientist from Newcastle, who will blow you away with how she is raising money for her Sahara Trek.

Asima jumped on our 31 Days of Adventure campaign and signed up to arguably one of the toughest on the list – the Sahara Trek. She’ll be trekking through blistering heat, camping in the dunes and exploring Marrakech - all in support of St Oswald's Hospice.

With a fundraising target of £2750, it can be daunting for any Life List challenger to raise such huge funds for the hospice. Especially if you’re Asima, a self-confessed workaholic, working seven days a week! For her, this is motivation to take some time out from work and focus on something new.

I’m definitely going to take a few weekends off to get fit and do some fundraising, working seven days a week it doesn’t leave me with much spare time to train. I only started fundraising a week ago and I’m already 2% there!

Planning her fundraising strategy has helped get the creative juices flowing, and she’s managed to come up with some very interesting ideas – including creating an alter-ego to run errands in exchange for donations.

I want to do errands in return for 100% sponsorship…I’m offering to do babysitting, shopping, cleaning, helping people organise anything - anything you can think of, I’ll help with!


When I attend my church I always rope myself into one thing or another – so I thought I will use this opportunity to use my ‘odd job’ skills. I might do it in a funny outfit or a carnival mask I got in Venice. I could even wear my mask when I do a part of the trek, it’s small and lightweight and it would be fun as it looks incredible.


I’m always doing all I can to help everyone I know, since I’m in demand I thought why not make the most of it?

Aside from fundraising as ‘Little Miss Odd-jobs’, Asima is also looking at ways she can get everyone together to socialise and have fun, whilst raising money for St Oswald’s.

Seeing as [the trek is] in Morocco, why not organise a Moroccan themed night? The food, dress, dance, camels – I wish! – but that would be a great way to raise money, and hopefully all the other trekkers would come too as I haven’t met any of them yet. 


The Hospice has sent me over some little games I can get people involved with which is helpful.


I’m a very creative person so I want to make my fundraising exciting and unique. I’m going to make some unique occasion gifts, do some bag packs and hold some competitions at my local church and work, such as guess the name of the Royal Baby.

As you can see, Asima is getting very excited to start her Life List journey with St Oswald’s. Not only is she looking forward to fundraising, she can’t wait for the trek itself.

I’m super excited! It’s an opportunity to not only help the hospice, but also to meet like-minded people and make friends, get fit and travel.I love travelling. I’ve been to Morocco before as a tourist and I totally loved it, but I definitely didn’t do anything like this. I now have a full year of excitement building up to the trek and I can’t wait!

To help Asima reach her target or to keep up to date with her raffles and other fundraising adventures, you can check her JustGiving page out here www.justgiving.com/asima-riaz5