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Hospice sleepover is a dream come true for two young girls

Keira and Hannah both come to our Children and Young Adults Short Break Service every month and have become good friends. This #InternationalFriendshipDay we wanted to share how our staff made it possible for the girls to have their first ever sleepover!

Our Staff Nurse, Karen, said:

Arranging a sleepover for the girls earlier this month was so special. Girls their age are able to have sleepovers with friends but due to their complex health conditions, Hannah and Keira have never been able to. At the sleepover the girls could just be girls their age, playing on iPads and talking about how late they could stay up.


At the Hospice we are always thinking of ways to help the children and young adults we care for to create lasting memories and we wanted to make their stay this month unforgettable. And for me, being able to arrange things like this makes my job worthwhile and I left work happy knowing that I had made a difference.