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Leaving a Legacy

Writing a Will is often something people are nervous about doing, something only 'grown ups' have or something you just keep putting off.

But whether you've bought your first house, got married, had a family, or just have something valuable to leave, it is extremely useful to leave a Will outlining your wishes. This means you can look after your family - but did you also know you can support a charity close to your heart in your Will too? 

A gift to charity in your Will is known as a legacy. It is a vital source of funding for the Hospice, making up one third of the donations we need to continue providing services free of charge to our community. Anyone can leave a legacy and every gift no matter how small or large can make a huge difference.

There are many types of gift you can leave depending on your circumstances or wishes, such as a percentage of the money left after your specific gifts to others in your Will, a fixed sum of money, specific items or even reversionary gifts, which allows you to leave assets to a chosen beneficiary to use during their lifetime, but would revert to St Oswald’s after their death.

By leaving a legacy to the Hospice, you would be making a valuable investment in your community, without monthly commitments. You can also save on inheritance tax if you're estate is worth over £325,000. 

To leave a legacy to St Oswald’s, we advise that you use a solicitor to have your Will drafted or updated. We can even help you do so through our Make a Will Month scheme or this local solicitor database.


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