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Local fashion blogger supporting St Oswald’s volunteer recruitment campaign

Alice Narcross, a 26 year old fashion and lifestyle blogger from Shiremoor, began volunteering in St Oswald’s Shiremoor charity shop in 2014. After impressing the charity with her work ethic and proactive attitude, Alice was swiftly mentored and then promoted to become an Assistant Shop Manager at St Oswald’s specialist boutique shop in Jesmond.

Alice is now supporting the charity’s Retail Volunteer Recruitment campaign to inspire more locals to gain experience, meet new people and to give something back through volunteering.  

Alice said:

When I first started volunteering at St Oswald’s four years ago, I initially just wanted to build up some work experience having never had a job before and to see what life was like working in a professional environment. The shop manager at Shiremoor then suggested to me, as she knew I had a passion for fashion and a keen eye for detail, that I may be suited to the role of Assistant Shop Manager at St Oswald’s new Jesmond Boutique charity shop. I applied and the rest is history! My role is extremely varied, no two days are ever the same and the skills I’ve developed along the way has given me a huge boost.

Alice credits her time at St Oswald’s with helping her to grow in confidence and to lay the foundations for building a career in retail.

Alice said:

Volunteering instilled in me a massive sense of confidence. So many people see volunteering as a waste of their time or have a preconception that they will just be the team ‘skivvy.’ At St Oswald’s, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The shop managers go out of their way to ensure that all the workload is shared evenly, and the focus of volunteering is just as much about what you can get out of it as what you are there to contribute.

Having found employment through her volunteering, Alice is now supporting St Oswald’s Retail Volunteer Recruitment campaign to encourage others to realise their potential through volunteering.

St Oswald’s is a fantastic training ground for people who want to enhance their CV. St Oswald’s really took me under their wing, mentored me and taught me all of the valuable skills I needed to learn in order to get my foot on the career ladder. Volunteering gave me the experience necessary to establish whether or not this was the right career for me, and I’m pleased to say four years later, I’ve never looked back!

Charlotte Charlton, Retail Area Manager at St Oswald’s, said:

Alice’s success is testament to her strong work ethic and her loyalty to supporting St Oswald’s. As a creative and stylish young woman, Alice is a perfect fit for her current role and even manages the shops Instagram account (@boutiquebystoswalds). To be able to support Alice throughout her time at St Oswald’s has been brilliant and it’s been fantastic to see how much she has grown and developed since she began volunteering. St Oswald’s is always on the look-out for new volunteers, and with 26 North East shops, an online shop and a range of different roles available, we have something to suit all ages, abilities and lifestyles. Whether you’re looking to gain experience and qualifications, make some new friends and give something back to a local charity, or just fill up your time, St Oswald’s has something for everyone! Volunteers play an enormous role throughout St Oswald’s and we rely on them massively to help us raise the £7.5 million we have to raise each year to continue to provide high quality care to people from across the North East. 

For more information about the volunteering opportunities St Oswald’s currently has, please click here.