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Mongol Rally - Second Update

It's hard to believe that it was four weeks today since Clive & Sally harding departed Newcastle to embark on the Mongol Rally Challenge in support of St Oswald's. 

We've been bringing you regular updates since they departed, and this week Sally spoke to us about some of their recent adventures, including; Turkey, Traffic and Toilets.

The Turkish border deserves a post all to itself. This was our first entry into totally uncharted territory for us both and it seemed designed to bewilder any hapless Englishvisitors arriving by car. Maybe that's because it's a foolish thing to attempt?!

Week 2 Pic 1

A word about toilets. Germany, Austria and Slovenia are in the lead in my league table. Croatia and Serbia slip down because of the appearance of the obligatory bucket to receive used paper. I am never sure if it truly is a plumbing necessity or has simply become a national habit. But there were some Dyson air blade dryers in some of the service stations, so not so bad really. France, you come bottom, because as the European capital of chic and sophistication, you really should try harder.

Week 2 Pic 2

One of the things that's difficult on this journey is remembering to drink enough. I am lacking all of the normal cues to 'put the kettle on' (and anyway, the kettle was a victim of the great cull). Still, I can no longer ignore the need to find that great euphemism, the rest room, and set off across the forecourt of a garage/ cafe. Another tip: if you learn nothing else in a foreign language, try and pick up 'men & women' to save yourself embarrassment. 

Sally continued:

Turkey stretches ahead, arid, dry land in all directions as we hurtle towards Istanbul. The traffic is sparse until we get nearer, and then it's the worst we've driven in since leaving England.

We set out to walk to the Grand Bazaar before it shuts for the night. Having not met a single other Rally car today, we were surprised to literally bump into Pete and Liz, they of Goodwood fame. 


It sounds like Sally and Clive are having a blast! Check back in with us for regular updates.

In the meantime, if you’ve felt inspired by Sally and Clive’s story, you can make a donation on their JustGiving page, or you can find out the many ways in which you can support St Oswald’s.