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Relaxation for the mind and body

At the Hospice we provide relaxation sessions for people with incurable conditions, at a time when they might need it most.

Relaxation sessions are for both patients and carers, and have been proven to improve mental wellbeing, reduce the symptoms of stress and help to promote sleep.

Carole Taylor, Co-ordinator of Therapeutic Activities at St Oswald’s, runs the sessions. She said:

“Dealing with any illness can be difficult and cause anxiety. Relaxation techniques can help to reduce the symptoms of stress and improve mental wellbeing, helping patients and carers to cope with the challenges of everyday life.

“The relaxation sessions gives people with life-limiting illnesses a chance to take some time out. People who have attended sessions in the past have found the sessions helped their anxiety, benefitted their breathing, or just generally helped their wellbeing.”

Viv Allen and her husband John, from Throckley, have attended relaxation sessions. They explain more about the sessions. Viv said:

“I’ve really benefitted from coming to the Hospice – it’s nice to meet other people in a similar situation. I was referred about four months ago by my Macmillan Nurse and I cried. I thought a Hospice was the end but I couldn’t have been more wrong.

“Coming to St Oswald’s has really helped with my relaxation, at a time when I’ve really needed it. I have benefitted from relaxation as I have lung cancer and the sessions have helped my breathing, and it’s something I can practice at home too.”

John said:

“I was reluctant to come at first; we’ve been married 40 years and amongst all Viv’s other appointments I just wanted to do something ‘normal’. With relaxation, as soon as you get in to it you relax. I also get complementary therapy at St Oswald’s, which I need just as much as Viv. Now we have come to the Hospice instead of it being a place of fear it’s a place of inspiration.”

If you have an incurable condition, you can be referred in to the sessions by your GP. Alternatively, contact Carole Taylor on 0191 285 0063 Ext: 2082 for more details.