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St Oswald's launches Sahara Trek Challenge 2018

On Wednesday 23rd March, we invited our supporters into the Hospice to learn more about our upcoming Sahara challenge.  

The trek, which takes place in November 2018, is a week long hike through the hottest desert on the planet. During the week, trekkers are given an opportunity to taste traditional North African cuisine, witness the diverse flora and fauna that have adapted to the arid climate, and camp outdoors under the stars. Towards the end of the trek, participants will be tasked with a community project to enhance the environment of the local people.

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During the evening our Community Fundraiser Helen Alderson, one of our Children’s doctors Ellie Bond and Lexie Quinton who works with the company who organise the challenge, Different Travel, were all on hand to explain what the challenge entails and how the money raised will benefit the Hospice.

Lexie said:

We have travelled all over the world, with the team raising funds to support the charity’s important work. I would tell anyone considering this challenge to get involved. It is a truly once in a lifetime, one of a kind experience. No words are able to do justice to just how beautiful the landscape is and what a fantastic opportunity this is. I would highly recommend giving serious consideration to this adventure.

Helen Alderson our Community Fundraiser said:

“The Sahara Trek was chosen by our supporters in a vote for where they wanted us to trek to next. With 40 degrees heat and 5-8 hours of trekking each day, it certainly isn’t for the faint hearted. But the huge sense of accomplishment once the trek is completed alongside the difference our trekkers make to the local community we volunteer in is worth it.”

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We are still looking out for adventurous individuals to trek with us. For further information about the Sahara Trek, what’s involved and how to get involved, please visit this page.