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Sun, Sand and Superb Fundraising

A patient who uses our services during the day has been taking a different approach to fundraising for St Oswald’s to give something back.

Joan Cook, 78 from Prudhoe has been attending our Focus on Living Centre for just over a year now. Recently going abroad on a family holiday to Estepona in Malaga, Joan tells us how she managed to raise £160 with a little fun and games with her loved ones whilst she was away.

Joan tells us more:

I love coming to St Oswald’s, it’s been roughly a year now and I look forward to it every week. I attend the Tuesday sessions and I’ve made some great friends here. Knowing how much the Hospice does I wanted to give something back, so I decided when I went on holiday I’d have a little fun with my family to try and raise some money. I picked a word of the day, usually something a bit cheeky, and then every time someone said it I put a note in my little notebook that I was carrying around. I told everyone I would charge them €1 every time they said the word of the day.


I don’t think they minded too much until the end of the holiday when I checked the conversion rate and announced that between the four of them they owed me £160! It was fun though and they didn’t mind, my family know how much I love coming to the Focus on Living Centre at St Oswald’s. It’s funny because I’ve been really ill twice before and refused to come because it was a hospice. The last time I was ill my son said I had to come, I was nervous but after the first day I couldn’t believe what I had missed out on for so long, it’s such a happy place. It’s been extremely beneficial for me, I love the reflexology but the general support has been incredible, it feels like home.


Coming somewhere like this makes such a difference, we don’t come to moan or be depressed. It’s a place where we can have fun, laugh and chat about everything and anything. I don’t know what I’d do without St Oswald’s, I’ve made so many friends I just can’t even describe the joy it brings me coming here.

Another one of the ladies who attends our Tuesday sessions added:

It’s a good place to talk, we know now if anyone comes in and they’re not well we can tell. None of us look ill, but I have friends I’ve had for life who can’t tell when I’m having a bad day, but I can walk in this room and the girls will know straight away. It’s nice knowing I’m not alone and I can bond and just be myself around these lovely people.

Our Focus on Living Centre offers a range of services and activities, designed to help people with a progressive life limiting condition to live a full life. For more information on the services we offer, please visit our website here.