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Surinder Kaur Ghura, MBE, raises £13,000 after 20 years of support

After supporting us for 20 years, Surinder Kaur Ghura, MBE, from Jesmond, has raised a staggering £13,000. With the help of the local Sikh community and the children’s choir of the Gurdwara Siri Guru Singh Sabha, Sikh Temple, she has accumulated the grand total through choir events and her continued attendance to the hospice Christmas fair, in which her samosas have become legendary. 


The latest donation of £3000 came from the continued efforts and concerts of the children’s choir, which she spearheads and has a strong affiliation.


Mrs Ghura said, “We are doing this to help others but it also good for the children, I want to teach them to share their belongings and how to be a good human being. It is a great cause for them to be involved in and to take pride in. I hope it will help them in the long run, to grow up on the right path. Our work is great for everyone who helps out, to say yes I am taking part and helping someone, it’s a great feeling.


“I enjoy everything I do for St Oswald’s. The staff are wonderful and there are a lot of people there who care so much for those who are in need. It inspires all our work.”


Our fundraiser, Natalie Santamera said, “We are so thankful for the hard work Mrs Ghura puts in each and every year. The grand total is outstanding and it is a testament to her hard work and the ongoing support of Newcastle’s Sikh community. We are so grateful for their support.”