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The benefit of music at St Oswald's

Every child accessing our Children and Young Adults Service has the opportunity to experience music through our trained Music Therapist.

Beverley Rayner is a Nordoff Robins trained Music Therapist and works across the North East, who has worked at St Oswald’s Children and Young Adults Service since September 2017. Beverley said:

As a Music Therapist I use the power of music to enhance the lives of children with special educational needs and life-limiting conditions. As the children and young adults at St Oswald’s can be very limited as to how they move, communicate and express themselves, music therapy focuses on what they can already do, gives them control, and raises self-esteem.


I immediately felt the warmth from the staff and children when I first visited the Hospice. Staffarrange lots of activities for the children and their sensory needs and I have been lucky enough tohave worked alongside other members of the team, such as physiotherapists, to give a child a newexperiences. In one session I might be improvising music using the tempo of the child’s breathingbut in a session with a different child, we could be drumming together. Every session is different.