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The Hospice receives the backing of 'NCASS'

We are delighted to announce that we have been officially named as the chosen charity of NCASS (Northern Chartered Account Student Society) for the 2016-2017 year.

Discussions have already begun between the Hospice and NCASS about exciting ways that NCASS can best support us over the next 12 months. The plans include donations of money raised from various events which will run throughout the year, such as sports tournaments, quizzes and two flagship annual dinners. NCASS also plan to donate staff time to the Hospice by coming along to volunteer with us.

NCASS Chair, Katie Taylor, told us that she was thrilled that NCASS had chosen a local charity to support over the coming year:

“We wanted to support St Oswald’s because we were really keen on supporting a local charity. We felt that people can more easily relate to charities that are close to home as they feel that their donations are making a real difference to the local area. We’re really looking forward to helping out throughout the coming committee year.”

Katie told us that once the suggestion had been made by a fellow committee member to support St Oswald’s, the committee agreed unanimously.  She continued:

“The work that St Oswald’s do in providing specialist palliative care and support is intrinsic to our community and the committee are really looking forward to being able to make a difference. The choice to support a local charity means that as well as financial assistance raised through our annual dinners and events portfolio we can donate our time to the hospice in the form of volunteer days, too.” 

Chris Soan, who is the President of NCASS was equally as optimistic about the year ahead and the work he will be doing with the Hospice:

“I am delighted that NCASS has chosen St Oswald’s Hospice as its charity for 16/17.  Because it is locally based, people who help us to support the Hospice will know that they are helping people within their local area.  It is an unfortunate likelihood that everyone knows someone who has been affected by cancer and I know that NCASS will help where it can to really make a difference.” 

Our Community Fundraiser Helen Alderson, who will be working closely with the group, said:

“We are thrilled to have the welcome support of NCASS over the coming 12 months. To have been made the official charity of NCASS is fantastic news and we can’t wait to begin working with them over the coming year. The generosity of NCASS in both their donations and their time is something which we are extremely grateful for and St Oswald’s is very optimistic about our future endeavours.”

We will keep you updated throughout the year on how our work with NCASS is progressing.