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Top 10 fundraising ideas for work

Fundraising at work is a great way to rally your colleagues and make it a team effort to support a charity. But where to start?


Here are our top 10 ideas for fundraising at work

  1. Bake off – who doesn’t love cake? Charge people per slice and rate the best cake!
  2. Sponsored silence – find out who in your workplace can keep their mouths closed the longest
  3. Dress down for the day and have each of your colleagues make a donation
  4. Swap jobs - Put the boss on reception for a day and see how long they can last
  5. Sweepstake – if there is a big sports event coming up why not put the names of all the teams in a hat and charge employees to pick teams. Split the takings 50/50 between the winner and the charity
  6. Annual raffle – sell St Oswald’s raffle tickets in your workplace, 1st prize is a Honda Jazz, 1.4 i-VTEC ES Plus car donated by Vertu Honda. The raffle will be drawn at St Oswald's Christmas Market on Saturday 28th November 2015
  7. Collection cans - if you work in or own a shop, restaurant of café, or work in a business with a busy reception area display one of our collection cans for loose change people may have
  8. Payroll giving - Any staff donations will be deducted from wages before tax which means that your staff members can give a bigger donation for less
  9. Direct Difference - Support St Oswald's with a corporate support membership scheme whilst benefitting from a range of opportunities
  10. Life List Challenge - If you and your colleagues are looking for a more extreme charity challenge why not take part in a company Life List challenge such as an abseil or zip wire


Fundraising at work is a great way to boost staff morale and to encourage team work. Supporting your local charity can also help grow your work place reputation in the local community. For more tips and advice contact our Fundraising Team on 0191 246 9123.