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Washington United get 'Clarty' for St Oswald's

Washington United U10’s took part in Clarty Bairns Obstacle Course in 2018 as a team building activity. Their parents, friends and family took part too creating a real bonding team building activity. 

Jaye Jordan, Manager of Washington United U10’s football team:

We like to do a team activity every season which usually doesn’t involved football. We did a mud run in 2017 and the kids loved it, so I was looking for something similar for 2018.

I work at St Oswald’s and I saw Clarty Bairns obstacle course advertised as one of their Life List challenges, I thought it would be a good idea to get the kids involved. Once I checked the details and days, I asked the parents if they were willing to take part and support the Hospice. They were quite excited and we put it forward to the kids, I think it was fair to say they were a little excited.


When we arrived I think we realised what we let ourselves in for, but the kids absolutely loved it. Every week at training they tell me they want to do it again so I asked the parents and they just laughed. I was surprised but they all said they loved it too, well most of them anyway, so they definitely wanted to do it again. I think a few of them have learnt from last time and will be bringing spare clothes to get changed into at the end.


As a football team we like to promote team bonding and help provide new opportunities. It’s good to let the kids do something fun which the parents might not always be able to afford, it’s good social bonding for the kids as well as the adults getting to bond as well.

We had so many pictures from the day and we put them all on our clubs Facebook page, within hours I had the other manager’s message me asking what we did. They said it looked class and wanted to know all the details, they want to get all of their teams involved in the 2019 one so I think there will be some rivalry against the teams.

Alex Lambert, 10, Washington United player said.

It was cool, I wanted to do it again straight away but my mam said we had to go. She fell in the water and it was really funny, but I think she had fun too. I can’t wait to do it again!


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