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How to Donate

There are several ways you can donate your unwanted items to St Oswald's shops. All proceeds from the sale of items go towards caring for local families at a time when they need it most. 

  • You can drop donated items into any of our shops during their opening hours or leave them at tour Donation Point located next to our Gift Shop at the Hospice on Regent Avenue, Gosforth on weekends.

    Please see our donation guidelines below to see what we can and cannot accept.


  • We can arrange to collect large donated items – such as furniture - from you in one of our dedicated donations vans at a mutually convenient time.

    Find out more here

  • Our Donation Stations are lightweight containers which can be positioned at your organisation to encourage staff and customers to donate unwanted items to St Oswald’s.

    A Donation Station costs you nothing to place, maintain or empty, and a full one is worth £400 (plus an extra 25% with Gift Aid) to the Hospice.

    We will arrange for your donations to be sold in one of our shops and will let you know much your valuable contribution has raised for the Hospice.

    If you would like to find out more about Donation Stations please download our Donation Station flyer or call 0191 246 9123.

    Download our Donation Station Leaflet


  • Due to health and safety regulations and the current public demand for items, we are unable to take
    certain donations.


    • All upholstered items such as 3-piece suites and chairs must have fire labels attached to them in order for us to sell them on.
    • We can only take metal or glass television units and stands, due to the lack of demand for wooden units.
    • Television sets must have a built in digital freeview tuner (i.e. can receive more than just terrestrial channels) these are usually less than 3 years old.

    • We do not accept video tapes, video players or cassette tapes and we also can't take old microwaves, gas cookers and typewriters.

    • We do accept tables on their own if they are in good condition. Sets of chairs must be in 4's or 6's.

    • We cannot accept duvets or quilts.

    • We cannot accept wall units that are over 3 ½ feet wide.