Positive steps

Have you or someone you care for been diagnosed with a terminal illness?

Are you looking for a support group for patients or carers?

We run ‘Positive Steps’ courses six times a year to introduce people with incurable conditions and their carers to the Hospice and signpost them to other support services in the North East. The sessions help dispel the myths around palliative care and show we offer more than just end of life care.

The course includes support and advice on benefits and entitlements, information on diet and nutrition, tips on fatigue and stress management, relaxation and visualisation sessions.

Positive Steps aims to help people feel better about themselves, boost self esteem and improve quality of life. The sessions are open to men and women of all ages and patients can bring along a friend or carer, who may also benefit from support and advice.

Positive Steps is aimed at people with a life limiting condition, but who do not need hospice services imminently.

When we walked through the doors of the Outpatient Suite for the first time it was like someone had wrapped a blanket around us - it was a great relief.